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We breed  German Shorthaired Pointers at our farm located in Osseo  Our goal is to provide you and your dog with the personal attention you deserve.  We breed for quality, close working sporting dogs with the foot hunter in mind, with an emphasis on sound temperament for a fine Family Companion.   "Frontrunner" is an AKC Registered Kennel Name.


At our Frontrunner Kennel location near Osseo, Wisconsin, we have the ability to board your special friend as well as handle most every training need.  We can work with the youngest puupy, to get them started, as well as your polished bird finder, to get him ready for the upcoming season...  and everything in between.


Dogs are creatures of habit. They seek structure in their lives. Training not only provides that structure, but also provides them with stimulating behaviors. A dog is most content when it has a sense of structure and a job to do.


In order to train your Dog successfully, you must first learn to teach it on a Canine Level for it cannot learn on a Human Level... By understanding some important distinctions, Owners can improve their success in training. What makes a Dog capable of following direction from a Human Being is its instinct to follow a Pack Leader.

The Frontrunner Kennels' Training Program has proven to be both reliable and consistently successful for all breeds of sporting dogs. From puppy to finished hunter, we can tailor our program to fit your dog's needs and desires. Please contact us for boarding options and pricing.



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